Stephanie Lempert’s studio practice concentrates on various systems of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. She employs a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography, and video to focus the viewer on small moments and memories, making them discover that all is not as it appears at first glance. Often using humor, the Artist invites the viewer to go beyond what they recognize as reality by immersing them in a created environment. “My work revolves around human language and how language is always surrounding us,” says Lempert, “how it layers our everyday experiences. I explore storytelling and memories, and how we share our experiences with the people that surround us.”

Lempert has taken on personal histories, overheard snippets of conversations, treasured memories, and examples of environmental impact and historic preservation in her works of art. “I know that there are limitless options,” she says, “when it comes to communicating visually. While studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, I realized that the interaction between the art and the viewer was what I reacted to. That synergy, that communication, is what inspired me to become a fine artist.” Attempting to infuse her works of art with human emotions, Lempert weaves true stories, literally and figuratively reconstructing memories and moments in such a way as to create a repository for the next generation’s hopes and dreams. She creates a surface on which memories, pleasant or unpleasant, are indelibly etched, just as our own memories are imprinted in the recesses of our minds.

Lempert is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.  Her work has been exhibited and collected domestically and internationally at establishments such as A.I.R. Gallery, Socrates Sculpture Park, The Armory Show, Art Basel Miami, New Britain Museum of American Art, Loop Art Fair,Lmak Projects, Stella Art Gallery, The Moscow World Fine Art Fair, and The 2006 New York Video Festival.

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